The classic "foreground for scale" pose.
Connor is a freelance concept artist working in the realm of film and television. He has a passion for world-building and creating environments that invoke a sense of wonder. When he's not out taking reference photos, he is probably making art with said photos.

2021 Graduate of the Bachelor of Illustration program at Sheridan College
1st/2nd Assistant Art Director (Concept Art) - ​​​​​Directors Guild of Canada 

Film/Television Work

StarTrek Discovery Season 5
CBS Studios (2022)
1st/2nd AAD Concept artist

Production Designer: Doug McCullough 
Art Director: Matt Middleton, Matt Morgan, Jim Goodall, Anne Malee van Koeverdon

Apple TV (2021)
1st AAD Concept artist

Production Designer: Domini Anderson 
Art Director: Matt Morgan, Catherine Lam

Feel free to reach out at
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