Connor is a freelance concept artist working in the realm of film and television. He has a passion for world-building and creating environments that invoke a sense of wonder. When he's not out taking reference photos, he is probably making art with said photos.

2021 Graduate of the Bachelor of Illustration program at Sheridan College
1st Assistant Art Director (Concept Art / Pre-vis)  ​​​​​Directors Guild of Canada 

Film/Television Work

Apple TV (2021)
1st AAD: Concept artist

Production Designer: Domini Anderson 
Art Director: Matt Morgan, Catherine Lam

StarTrek Discovery Season 5
CBS Studios (2022)
1st/2nd AAD: Concept artist

Production Designer: Doug McCullough 
Art Director: Matt Middleton, Matt Morgan, Jim Goodall, Anne Malee van Koeverdon

Dovercourt (Feature)
CBS Studios (2023)
1st AAD: Concept artist/pre-vis

Production Designer: Paul Kirby
Art Director: Anne Malee van Koeverdon, Tijana Petrovic, Matt Morgan

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