Process work of a sci-fi concept art scene based off the written prompt below.
I'm at 101-Nebula-3, not certain what quadrant though, the transmission is weak, I'll have to send this by written word. The Caloms are here, the Harients as well, and unbelievably, the Quiral even- I wasn't sure they were even real. Every smuggler guild you can think of. From what I can tell no one is sure of who the client is yet, or even what the full auction stock is for, but the dock is unlike any I've see yet. There's a vehicle which seems so primitive, looks like it could be a "spaceship", but not sure it can warp, no warp shields, plasma engines, or plasma guns. It's almost ancient. It's like a cyborg for a vehicle. Looks like it could still function but have no idea how it works. Anyhow, this whole place is surreal, somehow familiar but alien to me. I'll keep you posted, for now let's hope we can get something out of this.
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