Past the trees and fog reveals an ancient behemoth. Nobody knows where these creatures came from or what their intentions are. The surrounding villages embrace this Tortoise as a deity of protection, constantly watching over as the villagers go about their days.

From another point of view, here you can see the back of the tortoise, lots of stuff going on here...

Concept to establish the mood and perspective of the tortoise from the eye level of the lower village.

3d Asset turn arounds. The architecture style reflect the shape of a tortoise shell, I also used 6 as a reoccuring element throughout.

The first Exploration of this concept with a fall/autumn aesthetic I did while still in school

The next image as a jumping point to the video using images from footage I got from my drone. Overlaying the placement along the cliffside of where the tortoise would be. A big focus on the design is in the eyes, I ended up going with a wiser, watchful gaze over the villages.

An accompanying postcard with the original name included

this was the original sketches/ concepts from early on in school

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